Wednesday, 1 June 2011

make some noise for Catalyst!

We had a visit yesterday from Esther McVey MP for West Kirby on the Wirral. She toured the place and saw what we get up to and bless her tweeted all about it. We need more of this if we are to up our visitor numbers and continue to be able to offer the brilliant hands on science that happens here.
Centres like ours are expensive to run and we get NOTHING from the Government or local council so we are totally reliant on money through the door - either from the visitors or through sponsorship.
Times are hard -we all know that - but science needs somewhere like us to be able to offer exciting activities that stretch the imagination and engage people in science. Families making science based costmetics, science club members doing stuff they can't get their hands on in school; teachers pushing their own boundaries and having a go!
One young man told his teacher last week that this was the coolest place he had ever been to and could he bring his mum to see us! Of course!!!!!
So friends and followers - if you have any influence give a shout out for us - because if people don't know how great we are then we don't get the recognition we need and of course we don't get the money to keep us going. We may be small but we punch way above our weight and WOW do we make science exciting!