Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Great day out in Ashton Under Lyne

Canon Burrows school

What a super day we had this week at Canon Burrows Primary School in Ashton under Lyne.
They had chosen to do two shows based around materials and their properties.
So for the infants we did Science Magic - an exciting look at some amazing materials and chemical reactions that seem like magic.
Certainly our pink and blue bottle demo brought a gasp of amazement and when we invited a group of volunteers to come and change the colour of some drinking straws with just the warmth of their hands - well they were really getting excited.

Helen's dry ice demonstrations brought WOWs especially when she blew huge bubbles that seemed to float in thin air! And when she caught a carbon dioxide filled smoky bubble on  her hand she got a round of applause.

After break it was time for the juniors. This show All Change, looks at solids liquids and gases and how we can change from one state to another using some incredible materials.
We brought out some brave volunteers to try out setting fire to some chemicals in a flame to show firework colours including sparklers.
We brought out an even braver teacher and tried to blow him up and we finished our show with our ever popular Whoosh bottle which certainly brought the house down!

After a quick lunch we went into a year 3 classroom to set up for an up close and personal session with handwarmers, heat sensitive paper, colour changing straws and then we all made bath bombs to take home. For this younger age we use a ready mix which really helps with the classroom management

A very quick turn around and the second year 3 class arrived - extremely excited - for their hands on session. We rang the changes a little bit using one or two different demonstrations including our lovely new flashing ducks and the ever popular energy sticks which were certainly a hit with the teachers. Then it was this groups turn to make bath bombs.

A lovely day with enthusiastic pupils and a warm welcome from the staff.
Huge thanks to Karen Woods who after seeing our lecture at the ASE NW conference last spring decided to bring us in for her schools cience sweek.