Monday, 26 September 2011

Primary Science DVD launch

At long last we have the launch of the RSC NW Trust sponsored Primary science DVD. I had not realised that it was in 2008 that I was approached to think of something to help primary teachers be inspired to have a go at experiments based around Materials and their properties ( chemistry type stuff). I immediately thought of my good friend and fellow science buff Lorelly Wilson who does the most amazing science shows. Lorelly's shows are quiet and quite serious but fascinating and full of great science ideas - my shows are much louder and often very messy but we complement each other well.
Together we came up with the idea to create a DVD of short clips for primary teachers to give them ideas for classroom experiments, starters or just simple let's have a go and see what happens type science.
We both knew that specialised equipment and chemicals are virtually unheard of in a primary school so it would have to be based around everyday containers and household chemicals that everyone could get hold of. After many months of planning we finally were ready for two days of filming here at Catalyst with the fantastic Centrescreens production company from Manchester. Cheryl our producer guided us through the filming process, re-takes and goofs and the final result is amazing - even though I say it myself. Plus thanks to the faith that the RSC NW Trust put in me all that time ago we have been able not only to fund the filming but also reproduction and distribution so any primary school teacher, student teacher science ambassador or interested science presenter,  can have a copy for free.
Catalyst has taken on the job of sending out DVDs on request plus the local sections of the RSC have been lending a hand and distributing within their area.
Last Thursday we held the official launch - attended by Andrew Miller chair of the science committee at the House of Commons, local MPs and the great and the good with a smattering of local teachers and supporters for good measure.
Thank you to everyone who helped to make this possible!

The Manchester RSCYM have even put the clips on You Tube! So if you want my autograph....actually if you want some ideas grab a DVD!