Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Super Science at St Mary's

We went to St Mary's Birchall Catholic Primary school Wigan to help get their science week off with a bang!
Mrs Duffy had asked for something with the WOW effect so we took I Wasn't Expecting That one of our most popular shows.

We started the day with KS2 and made them all jump with the whoosh bottle followed by a lovely short session just for reception - lying on the floor chasing rainbows and playing pass the flashing duck!

Then we shared our show with KS1 who lifted the roof off trying to wake up the blue bottle experiment. Lots of excitement as Helen crated a flame cloud with powdered milk and then so much fun with the dry ice.

After lunch we went into year 1 to make bathbombs and then to year 4 to get up close to some dry ice.

A really great day and thank you to Ms Duffy for organising it all.

Monday, 10 June 2019

ASE Primary Science Teachmeet at Ness Gardens

I went to an ASE primary science teachmeet at Ness Gardens a couple of weeks ago organised by Anne Buckley and Kim Harvey where we were given a tour of the gardens including some behind the scenes places and the education rooms.
We were able to see the way Ness can be used to teach Living Things and their Habitats, Evolution and Inheritance and more.

Rose Froud ( runs the education team in her enthusiastic and inspiring style. She talked about what Ness has to offer schools—from the youngest right through secondary and not just pond dipping!    We were able to see where  classes are held and the potting shed where meals can be eaten if the weather is poor.
I was fascinated to see how they are using the gardens to create a prehistoric trail using ancient plants and trees to guide you through the evolution of plants and grasses. They even plan to have dino footprints to mark the trail.
There is an emphasis on sustainability especially in the vegetable garden where a variety of goodies were growing well.
No two days are the same at Ness with sessions often being tailor made or tweaked to suit what the school is studying.   The pond was definitely were all the action was with so many Minibeasts clearly to be seen and it was good to hear how well thought through safety is.

After a morning with one of the education team teachers have the afternoon to do whatever they choose—perhaps one of the seasonal trails or something designed at school that you have brought to do.
At £95 per class it is a great day out and will help you to tick  those 
curriculum boxes in a totally creative and enriching way.

If you are not a member of the ASE you might not know about their super Primary Science magazine which is free to members. Your school can join or you can be an individual member.
There are national events—the conference every January is quite sensational as far as CPD goes but there are also local events like the teachmeet and also regional conferences—we have been at the Manchester one a few time as speakers. You can find out more here