Friday, 28 April 2017

Our Welsh Project Day 1

We have a new and very exciting project!We are working with Communities 1st and Reaching Wider Partnerships North and Mid Wales to deliver a more sustained science intervention to primary schools in NE Wales.

Usually we arrive at a school, do a couple of shows and a couple of class sized workshops and leave. Apart from sending out our newsletter that is probably all the contact we have with most schools. A few book us again  and occasionally we have run science clubs but our actual impact on the school is limited.
We know schools enjoy what we do and we also know how inspiring a visit can be especially for the staff.
So when we were approached by Reaching Wider Partnerships  to really get involved with  a school we were thrilled.
After much discussion it was decided that a half  day of shows for the whole school followed by 4 half days with two classes would be affordable on the funding budget.

Our first school Ysgol Bryn Gwalia is in Mold. It is a medium sized school with a demographic that fits the funding criteria and a very enthusiastic staff who jumped at the chance to have us in.

Our first visit was for two shows - one for each key stage. We decided our show "I Wasn't Expecting That!" was probably the most exciting and as an introduction to Science2U very appropriate!

Everyone at the school was so welcoming and accommodating. We needed to arrive at the start of lunchtime to set up in the hall and to be honest we expected a bit of resistance from the dinner staff because usually the military precision needed to get a whole school through lunches in the set time is a well oiled machine that really doesn't need us interfering.
But they had set us aside a space and some tables and were brilliant - well done ladies!

We started with KS1 who were a little nervous of what we were going to do and arrived with huge eyes taking in all the equipment. They soon got the idea that this was going to be fun and we had lots of hands shooting up to volunteer.

They really joined in especially when we tried to blow up the headteacher - he was such a good sport.

The fireworks went down a treat especially the iron filings sparklers and Helen's fireball got a huge cheer.

Sadly it was over all too soon but the staff had taken lots of photos and before the next show had even started Twitter was alive with pictures!

KS2 arrived very excited - they had picked up the atmosphere from the younger ones and were ready to go.
We had a few extra treats for them including the whoosh bottle and popping lids off cans with dry ice.
Again lots of volunteers and some really super images plus some videos!!

A dry ice finale left everyone very happy and years 3 & 4 extremely thrilled that they were going to be the classes we work with over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Everyone loves something free and  teachers are no exception!

We have discovered that ordinary marketing doesn't really work in schools. The best way to get ourselves known is by word of mouth recommendation and by actually seeing us work. So schools who see us at the Big Bang NW know exactly what they will get!

A few years ago we ran an offer in primary schools where the host invited their cluster of primaries to an after school twlight to meet us.
It was really great to see tired faces light up....but was that the chocolate biscuits??

The format is fun, lightweight and certainly not a meeting!!
hands on ideas; have a go yourself science; do try this at home
that is the thinking behind our Meet The Team evenings.

We think that any local primary school happy to host a session and invite their cluster deserves a thank you from us so we will come to your school and do a half day of shows - two shows for FREE.
There is a choice of shows:
All About You
looking at being healthy and clean

Inside the Rainbow
an extravaganza of light

exploring colour all around us

Into the Future
amazing inventions and scientists

Get A Move On
using toys and gadgets to discover forces

We already have a few dates in the diary so grab yours. The thank you shows can be booked anytime this calendar year so you could earn yourself a treat for next school year!