Monday, 19 November 2012

goody bags and freebies!!

It's been a while since my last posting - so sorry but when you are busy.......
Helen and I have been putting together new ideas and exciting projects for Science2U plus we have been working on our newsletter which we would like to go out monthly but at the moment timing is a moveable feast!!

So what have we been up to?

Readers of the blog and frequenters of our website will be aware that our CPD training sessions are extremely popular with teachers and student teachers. Based on our "have a go" hands on practicals we show how to incorporate simple science into lessons as starters, plenary or even the main event.

We know that many primary schools have not got access to beakers, measuring cylinders and other science equipment so we use everyday containers and easy to get hold of materials. Often our sessions in school come under a "supermarket science" heading because most materials can be bought easily. We collect unusual containers; we think slightly off the wall when watching others doing science or when we go to events such as the Education Show always having in the back of our mind - could we use that idea but adapt it for primary schools on a budget and with little equipment.
Our mantra..... we can do anything with Two balloons and a goldfish.
Our days at Catalyst science discovery centre have made us very inventive.
Actually I think most science presenters are a bit like this. You only have to watch my friend and fellow presenter the amazing Ian Russell ( exploding custard) to see how creative we all are.

So we have come up with an idea to get more teachers having a go and getting to know us in a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere  Based around the "party" concept we are inviting schools to host a twilight staff event and invite nearby schools to join in. As a thank you the host will get a free day of shows and every school will take home a goody bag of science stuff to play with.

So we have been on the hunt for interesting but not too expensive bits and bobs for the goody bag - colour changing paper - pastel coloured paper that changes colour with the heat of your hand and then changes back as it cools. I am experimenting at the moment to see if it works after laminating because I think it would make great bookmarks.

Everyone loves our thermo plastic straws so they will have to be in the stash plus a little bit of polymorph I think. In the session we will probably be making bath bombs and perhaps pourable soap - we've not totally decided and will probably ring the changes a bit with the makes. I fancy making bracelets of UV reactive beads too.

It is a great excuse to browse all those wacky websites for gadgets and gizmos at stocking filler prices. All teachers love freebies - you should see us at the Education show! So hopefully this will be a winner and get our name known more widely.... in the meantime I am surfing to find more things for the stash!