Friday, 10 May 2019


Last week we went to a super event at Haydock High School for year 7&8 pupils and their families.
It was held in the drama studio after the school day and we were thrilled when over 100 people came.

all set up and ready to go

The whole school science team supported us as did other members of staff.

We shared our show I Wasn't Expecting That! which is an extravaganza of colour changes, fire balls, bangs, pops and dry ice.

The audience was really enthusiastic so we had plenty of volunteers to help us.

rainbow test tubes - pH using household materials

a giant version of the freaky hand

 After a few chemistry surprises we shared some of our smart materials which everyone was interested in getting their hands on.
hydrochromic shower curatin

hydrochromic colour change umbrella

Soon it was time to turn out the lights and rope in a couple of teachers as human light switches - I think they liked it!

human light switches - teachers and a plasma ball

Then we heated everything up by creating a milk powder fire ball and our whoosh bottle.

The finale was dry ice all the way.
Spooky smoke, screaming spoons and crystal balls were followed by blowing up a member of the audience.

Then we trapped the dry ice in large canisters and popped off the lids with some very satisfying if unexpected bangs.
Great fun was had by all.
Thank you to the Science team for organising such a super evening.
There is a great write up on the school website at the moment - so we have reporduced it here

On the evening of Monday 29th April the hall was filled with students, parents and carers of Year 7 and 8 students. We were extremely pleased to welcome Sue and Helen from Science 2 U, a company that specialises in science shows that enthuse and excite both students and adults alike. The show, called ‘I wasn’t expecting that’, was based around many topics that are taught in Key Stage 3 Science. We were amazed to see colour changing solutions, smart material experiments, fireballs and many other amazing activities. Ms Dannan got a great shock when a tin of custard exploded, letting out a loud shriek. The show certain lived up to its name, even with staff! Finally we witnessed a range of demonstrations using dry ice which were cool, literally (-790C)!It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying the exciting science experiments, thankfully the school hall is still intact!!A big thank you to Science 2 U for putting on a great show.

Thank you to staff at the school for these great images