Wednesday, 13 April 2016

SHOW of the MONTH - All About You

All About You

This month we are featuring a super show for Primary schools across both key stages. All About You looks at being healthy and how we can keep clean.
For the youngest pupils we bring along our third team
member Timmy the puppet who gets help from a friend in the audience to organise his lunchbox so that he can eat healthily. Great if you are part of the Healthy Schools scheme.   

We look at our amazing senses and how they help us, with brave volunteers choosing feely tubs or grot bags to put their hands into. 
Can you tell the difference between potato and apple if you can't see it or smell it??
Three super scientists get to use all their senses to try to identify the mystery liquid.

For slightly older ones we do a mass experiment to see how we are all unique. 
For the gross effect we discover just how much snot we produce, how much sweat we make and see the millions of skin cells shed every day. 

This leads nicely into why it is a good thing to actually wash. To help us keep our teeth clean we make our own toothpaste and test it against shop bought and finally Helen gives a  group of volunteers a gungy glitter cold to see why it is important to wash our hands.
Lots of valuable messages delivered in an interactive humorous way. The workshops complement the show—Super Senses for KS1 with feely bags, grot bags and mystery liquids. Toothpaste testing OR bath bombs for KS2.