Monday, 6 June 2016

Show of the month for June


This month's Science Spot newsletter features our POTIONS show so I am sharing it with our blog readers
This show was created as part of one school's Harry Potter themed week and has become a favourite especially for end of term treats.
 With lots of dry ice in Hermione's cauldron and colour changing liquids to reactions that need to be woken up from a deep sleep.

 A set of rainbow coloured test tubes and disappearing gel balls. Eerie lights that appear like magic, amazing human light switches. Lots and lots of oozing slime….

Being true scientists we don't give away our secrets!  So many of our
demonstrations seem like magic so we began to collect amazing transformations, colour changes, disappearing materials and suddenly we really were in Hogwarts!

We invite potential wizards to join in an incredible experiment where they change clear liquid to bright pink and back again before our very eyes!

Dress up in your own costume or wear our wizarding hat to perform the experiment.

From bubbles to smoke to fire clouds this is an amazing show but of course we all know that even though some of the things seem
almost magic - it really is SCIENCE!!
Call us to find out how to book this show.