Tuesday, 29 March 2011

new folk to inspire

Catalyst is taking part in Halton's people into jobs programme which means we offer work placements to local people but they get paid by the council. So we have two new guys working with us for 6 months. Nathan is helping out Paul on the technical and handyman side and Alex is working with us in education. Alex is thinking about training to be a teacher - well he will certainly know whether he wants to teach or not by the time he has finished with us.
Yesterday was a baptism of fire - we had 250 year 7s from Cardinal Heenan school in Liverpool. I did three flash gang whoosh shows - huge fun! The boys were super and really enjoyed their day - they were very enthusiastic about the shows!
I think Alex and Nathan were a little overawed at so many kids all in one place but we had a good day and both of them came back today for more!
Today Alex put on a lab coat and certainly began to enjoy being a scientist - I hope he continues to enjoy this!

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