Sunday, 24 April 2011

candy floss

We are a business and so have to bring in the public whenever we can because they pay the bills! Hence this holidays theme of the science behind your sweets and chocolate. Actually I have discovered some amazing facts about how the brain reacts to sweeties, how popping candy explodes in your mouth and I can now make the coolest candy floss ever.
There is quite a skills involved in making candy floss!!
I think the best experiment we share with our visitors is the fact that you really do need your nose to experience flavour - just try eating a jelly bean while holding your nose. If you allow it to begin to dissolve a little and then let go of your nose suddenly you are filled with whatever flavour jelly bean you picked.
Try a trick on someone at home. Cut an onion in half - you can let them see you do this, have a slice of apple handy - don't let them see this. Have you victim close their eyes or blind fold them if you know they will peek! Hold the onion near their nose but feed them the apple and they will be convinced you have fed them onion! mean trick? Yes but not as mean as jelly belly "bean boozled" - you have no idea which is the nasty or the nice flavour - slightly worrying that I am developing a taste for baby wipes flavoured beans.......

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  1. we came to your show and had a really good time. The candy floss tasted brilliant