Thursday, 28 March 2013

National Science and Engineering Week 2013

WOW! what a week and more!

 National Science and Engineering Week is over for another year and for Science2U it has been a huge success.
Quite a few schools decided that to make sure they got a special guest speaker they would book early and choose a slightly earlier date that the actual week itself. So we have been doing "ScienceWeek" since  February!!
The theme chosen by the British Science Association this year was Invention & Discovery and we decided to create a show incorporating some of our favourite inventions, discoveries and scientist stories.

From Astronauts leading to roof tiles from recycled disposable nappies.
Isaac Newton and the spectrum viewed through our wonderful rainbow glasses
A whole range of SMART materials including colour changing straws, heat sensitive paper, polymorph and our EL neon light costumes.
And finally pirates, vitamin C and our wonderful Rhinovirus models helping us show how to prevent colds from spreading. Helen's glitter snot was a huge hit - the largest group we "infected" was 230 at Upton Heath in Chester.

We have visited all manner of schools from large multi cultural city centre through suburban middle class achievers to a very old country school of just 67 pupils.
So thank you to last week's schools:

All Saint's Runcorn where we had a super long afternoon session with class 4 

Woodfall Lane Primary with a special mention for their youngest pupils who were so enthusiastic and enjoyed every minute

Stanley Road in Oldham who were so friendly and made us incredibly welcome. Mentioning particularly Louise who had organised the whole complex day for such a big school and looked after us superbly

Brabins Endowed Primary in Chipping - a tiny school with a wonderful old hall where children had been taught since 1684

All in all we have shared science with 7 schools, done 19 shows and delivered 8 workshops for this year's NSEW. And now we need a lie down!  

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