Thursday, 12 February 2015

All Change at Chester

We had a super day at Upton Heath Primary School Chester as part of their science week.
The school are having an incredible time with visits from all sorts of scientists including Techniquest, Chester zoo rangers, nurses as well as working with a local High school. They even had a visit from the Prime Minister....not to do science though!!

The day started with two All Change shows - the first for years 4,5,and 6 followed after break by years 2,3,4.
The show is full of exciting materials showing how solids, liquids and gases behave. We raced some gloopy liquids and learnt a new word - VISCOSITY.

We had enormous fun with dry ice creating huge clouds tumbling from the tables.

We had a fire rainbow and iron filings sparklers  and magnesium

and then Helen made a fire ball from custard powder which stunned the audience as you can see from the Twitter comment!

We even tried to blow up one of the teachers........

After lunch we were the guests of year 4 Lime class who gave us their room for the afternoon.
They were able to get up close and personal with some of the equipment from the show and to try out some of our other incredible gadgets and gizmos. Then we all made bubble gum fragranced bath bombs to take home.
We stayed in the classroom as Lime class swapped with their other year 4 class so we could do it all again.
At the very end of the day with just a few minutes before home time Lime class came back to their own room and we made a huge electric circuit with all the pupils and us and our Energy sticks.

Thank you to Ms Preston for organising such a super day.

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