Wednesday, 1 July 2015


without a freezer using science!

As I am writing this we are experiencing the hottest weather so far this year. So what better way to cool down than with some ice cream

Everyone loves a cool ice cream in summer - the sound of the ice cream van is evocative of long summer days.

Making home made ice cream can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be.
There are many custard based recipes where you have to do proper cooking before you even get to freeze your mix.

There are super scientists all over the place making it with liquid nitrogen ( huge fun but don't try it at home!)

this is me many years ago at Catalyst Science Discovery Centre Widnes

There are home ice cream machines - some that do the whole thing can be quite pricey - others where you freeze the bowl overnight and the machine basically churns the mix are cheaper.

However there is another  method which uses a little bit of science knowledge to drop the temperature and freeze the mix.

This is a favourite of American teachers! I made this when I was teaching in Tennessee and it really does work.

There are lots of posts on the internet with recipes and instructions so here are a few links. Find one you like and have a go.

One tip from someone who has had icecream all over the place and mixed in with the salt....use a double bag! All that manipulation of a very cold plastic bag can cause it to split.

If you are going to eat the ice cream - and why  not we ask -  you need to remember food hygiene rules and make sure everything you use is clean and hands are washed.

Have fun!!

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