Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Science club week 4

This week we wanted to do something totally different.
After three weeks of pipettes and chemicals this came as quite a surprise!
We were exploring how we use electricity especially with light.
Even the room was different - although that was because we needed to be near power sockets.

As the club members entered there were gasps of amazement at the display ranging from the plasma ball through fibre optics and even a disco ball!
Children and parents leaving school made lots of comments about how exciting it all looked. Another great advert for the club!

We explored how you can use movement to make a torch light up. We have a collection of different ones - wind up, dynamo and shaker torches.
We also looked at lots of gadgets that seem to be almost magic like cosmic balls. As this was science club we investigated how they all really worked!
We had a go at the plasma ball and finally the energy stick.

Then it as time for an investigation.
Using the energy stick which lights up and makes a noise when in a complete circuit everyone chose from a huge selection of objects to see whether they were a good conductor of electricity or an insulator.
This is such an easy way to create circuits and lots of noisy fun - which is what science club is all about!

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