Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Welcome to 2016 and along with pretty much everyone on the web we are having a look back at the year just gone.
Actually as a company it is quite a good idea to review the year to see the highs and rejoice and to look at the lows and wonder how we could have handled it differently.

One way for us to look at the year is to read this blog and see what we have been up to, I have also had a look back through our Twitter and Facebook pages to pick up what we thought were memorable enough events to record.
One advantage for our followers/readers is that being on stage means we don't bombard everyone with live Tweets....."I'm just climbing the stairs to the stage...."

If the day is great we tell you, if not we are probably drowning our sorrows somewhere or having a bath!!
We also love to share pictures, again it is rare for us to be able to take them during an event, so images usually come from the audience. Of course this means that we cannot pose....why do I always have my mouth wide open????? But we also get some great pictures from teachers that show the awe and wonder of their pupils. Which is why we do this job after all.

So here are some of our best bits from 2015

lots of time spent packing

a return visit to Blacon

new friends made at two schools in Wallasey

Of course Big Bang North West

Super Chemistry@work days at Daresbury Labs with the team from MerseySTEM

Our first after school science club

A new partnership with Techniquest Glyndwr

another new partnership with Liverpool John Moores University

working with the public for the first time at Ness Gardens

I think they liked us because we went back for Halloween

two great days with our good friends at Knowsley Park

a wonderful sponsored day at Chestnut Lodge special school

and of course lots and lots of dry ice!

We've had a super year - here's to an even better 2016

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