Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Welcome readers and blog followers

Science2U publishes an electronic newsletter which until now has been monthly.
As you can imagine this takes quite a bit of effort and this blog has suffered as a result.

So we have decided to make the newsletter half termly and any extras/news etc will be published on this blog.

So for our first bit of news.

British Science Week 2017 10th - 19th March

There are grants available to help you fund a science event.
Up to £300 for a school event
Up to £700 for an event which involves your school and wider community
Between £500 and £1000 for those falling in the under represented in science community group.

We have worked with schools who have qualified for funding and I thought you might be interested to hear of a couple.

One school went for a Kickstart more grant which involved their local community.
They booked us for a morning of shows with the pupils and then the afternoon had two hands on session with families. Staff helped us to run a fun workshop of experiments for all the family.

Another school used their money to book us for an extra long day of shows - school children in the morning, family in the afternoon and an early evening open event for their  village.

One idea we had was to work with some pupils to help them put on a science show for the wider community - great for your budding science presenters

It is definitely worth looking into seeing whether you could organise an event that would qualify.

Have fun!!

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