Friday, 20 January 2017

The All Change Show

As British Science Week approaches with the theme of Change our regular readers will know we have an amazing 50% discount offer on bookings of the show so I thought it would be a good idea to do a review so that anyone booking will have an idea of what they will be getting.

The KS2 show is based around Materials and their Properties especially thinking about changing materials.
We explore what actually defines a Solid, a Liquid and a Gas using everyday objects and some not so usual!
Can you squash a liquid? How can you change a liquid to a gas or  to a solid?
Are all liquids the same? Try racing them and see!

racing liquids - exploring viscosity

We look at what happens when you warm things up like our colour changing plastic straws

 cool things down - what happens if you freeze fizzy pop?

and set fire to things - did you know powdered milk does this?

Then we get very exciting as we mix materials to make unexpected changes.

instant snow

vinegar and bicarb

We try out an incredible plastic that turns like transparent toffee when warm and you can mould it then goes back to being a strong solid as it cools

Of course it wouldn't be a Science2U show if we didn't have dry ice so we experiment making bubbles that you can catch and clouds of  spooky"fog"

And what about some really weird materials like slime?

This is a great show to get pupils thinking about Change and with plenty of ideas to try out at home hopefully to encourage everyone to have a go themselves.

The offer is for half price on a day consisting of 2 shows and 2 workshops or 3 shows.
The workshops are an opportunity for a class size group to get up close to the gadgets and gizmos from the show - to actually handle some of the materials and we will make a bath bomb to take home - a classic example of mixing materials.

You can find details of our half price show offer here:

Give us a call but hurry dates are booking up quickly

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