Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Everyone loves something free and  teachers are no exception!

We have discovered that ordinary marketing doesn't really work in schools. The best way to get ourselves known is by word of mouth recommendation and by actually seeing us work. So schools who see us at the Big Bang NW know exactly what they will get!

A few years ago we ran an offer in primary schools where the host invited their cluster of primaries to an after school twlight to meet us.
It was really great to see tired faces light up....but was that the chocolate biscuits??

The format is fun, lightweight and certainly not a meeting!!
hands on ideas; have a go yourself science; do try this at home
that is the thinking behind our Meet The Team evenings.

We think that any local primary school happy to host a session and invite their cluster deserves a thank you from us so we will come to your school and do a half day of shows - two shows for FREE.
There is a choice of shows:
All About You
looking at being healthy and clean

Inside the Rainbow
an extravaganza of light

exploring colour all around us

Into the Future
amazing inventions and scientists

Get A Move On
using toys and gadgets to discover forces

We already have a few dates in the diary so grab yours. The thank you shows can be booked anytime this calendar year so you could earn yourself a treat for next school year!

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