Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Our Welsh Project Day 2

The first of our four classroom sessions with Yr3 and 4 at Ysgol Bryn Gwalia Mold, Flintshire.

This session looked at Pretty Amazing Polymers with a nod to the fact that most of our plastics objects seem to come from the Far East - a tenuous link to the term theme of China.

We started by thinking about what life would be like without plastic - and highlighting that oil is a fossil fuel and therefore not limitless. We also thought about the environmental impact of plastic.

By looking at different materials  we saw how corn and other starches are being use in place of plastic from oil.

We then got up close and personal with some of our polymers.

Polycaprolactone - a thermo moulding plastic that transforms from opaque pellets into a soft transparent and amazingly tactile material but as it cools quickly changes back to being opaque and is very strong - you can't easily cut even a thin piece with scissors.

Super absorbent polymers - instant snow and hydrogel balls followed by an exploration of disposable nappies with much fun about AAAs - Astronaut Absorbency Apparel

Finally a hands on experiment to see just how much liquid a nappy can hold before it leaks!

This first session helped us all to get to know each other and how the Science2U team works in a classroom.
Next time - exploring colour - so chromatography and lava lamps!

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