Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Student teachers need inspiration

Had 90 2nd year student teachers in at the Centre last week. Their tutor asked me to organise lots of hands on stuff so that they could really get to grips with actually doing some science rather than just reading about it or watching clips on you tube.
We had a good time but I found it really sad that they were so excited about what were basically very simple ideas for class experiments.They are all off on teaching placement in a couple of weeks and I have had so many e-mails from them asking for ideas and help with planning something suitable and safe that is still exciting. I don't have a problem doing this but what are their tutors doing? When I was at college it was the tutors you went to who help you to create great lessons especially in scicne and D&T.
This is the very reason that we have made the DVD for the RSC. I went to see the final edits last week - the close ups are amazing and even though I don't like watching myself I have to admit it is a pretty good DVD and if I was still in the classroom I would love to have it to inspire me. It should be out after Christmas and  it will be free - what more could you want.

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