Thursday, 17 February 2011

Curing the Plague??

This is a strange time here at Catalyst.
It is half term school holidays in some education authorities but others are not off school until next week.
We made the decision to put on holiday events over both weeks which means we are having fewer people in but it will stretch over both weeks and hopefully we will get the same number as usual in the end.
But the workshops have smaller audiences - not a bad thing really as we are usually so packed it is a stretch on resources BUT running a show for 2 families is rather too intense!
Especially as the shows is supposed to be interactive with lots of volunteers coming out to have ago. The short show is all about medicines from the old days - old wives tales etc the "show" bit lasts about 15 minutes then the audience get to have a go at hands on stuff themselves - making a nosegay posy to keep off the plague; testing fruit juice for Vit C, curing stings with old wives tales and so on....
One good thing about doing two weeks is that I don't have to worry this weekend about setting up - it is all ready and I can relax!

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