Monday, 7 February 2011

Madness and mayhem

Last week was amazing! We had a guest speaker here at Catalyst - Dr Bunhead AKA Tom Pringle from the TV show Brainiac
Naturally anything to do with the TV brings out the crowds and we were heaving! Tom has been coming here for a number of years with his exploding energy show for KS3.
Most days we had 200+ teenagers who were extremely excited. Also most days the Education team were busy teaching lots of workshops and stuff because the schools didn't just come to see the show they wanted to do extra stuff too.
So by Friday we were all a bit dazed and extremely tired but great financially for Catalyst - as ever it is hand to mouth!
It looks like most of the funding we do get will disappear so we will be left to fend for ourselves.
However bookings are good and we expect a great National Science and Engineering week.
This week is quieter but we are getting ready for half term. We sit astride two different areas as far as school holidays are concerned. Although we are in Halton which tends to follow Liverpool holidays, most of our visitors and from Cheshire, Manchester and Wales who are not following Liverpool holidays. So for Feb half term we are doing 2 weeks - this is a bit of a gamble so we will see what happens.

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