Sunday, 20 January 2013

Creative Learning

We have been out and about sharing great science this week.

Our first stop was a Creative Curriculum day with 3rd Year student teachers at Manchester Metropolitan University on the Didsbury campus.

We arrived with enough time to set up and then go into the keynote speech by Daniel Waind, Advanced skills Teacher at Woodhey High school, Bury. His lively talk highlighted how teachers should give opportunities for creative learning within their class even if they don't feel creative themselves! This philosophy fits right in with us at Science2U as we are always encouraging our teachers to add a little creativity to their science through simple practicals and investigations.

After a quick coffee we led our first session with about 26 students who are about to go on teaching placement. They hadn't been into their schools so had no idea of what age they would be with or what was expected of them but were all anxious to include some good science hands on in their planning.
We shared lots of demonstrations with them using volunteers and then they all had the chance to have a go. We had taken colour changing straws, heat sensitive paper, the ever popular rainbow glasses and one of the favourites - art on a plate. 

                               click here to go to Youtube clip of art on a plate

Everyone was able to have a go at this amazing experiment and we all chatted about how it could be incorporated into lessons - there were some very creative ideas - ranging from carnival to super novas!

A quick break and it was time for take two - a second session - slightly smaller with a similar format to the first and due to the smaller group size a little more time to spend with students chatting about their needs for classroom science. It is a joy to be able to share my love of teaching with the next generation - good luck in school guys!

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  1. thank you for such a good session. I will take so many ideas with me to my teaching practice