Tuesday, 8 January 2013

One Year On

I can't believe that it is a whole year since Helen and I left Catalyst to start our company Science2U.
It was another huge leap off the cliff  but WOW we have had a great year.
The anniversary of the formation of the company is in a few weeks so this blog is not a celebration yet but I have just updated the website with a slideshow of images from our pre-Christmas tour plus highlights of our year.
Visit the website for a peep www.science2u.co.uk

I really enjoyed the RI Christmas lectures over the holidays and was thrilled to see them using some of our demonstrations including using handwarmers to demonstrate changing state. I just wish we could have a handwarmer for everyone in the audience like they did!! Mind you we had over 200 watching at Sandbach which could create a problem when you want to recharge the handwarmers which we do by boiling them!!

The state of the month is also the time for publication of the newsletter. So again if you want a copy visit the website and either download from there or if you want to be on the mailing list leave an electronic contact address and we will make sure you always get a copy.
This month the theme is winter science which includes snow, ice and salt obviously but also catching a cold id de dose.....so to speak. I do hope you said that in character!!
We are off to Manchester Met. next week for a day of creative science with some super primary student teachers. They are about to go on teaching placement so we will be giving them lots of ideas to take with them. Hopefully we will have pictures to share too.

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