Sunday, 29 June 2014

Being Healthy

We are looking forward to a busy week of school visits.
On Monday we will be in Great Sutton Ellesmere Port with Meadow Primary school for the start of their Healthy Schools Week.
We will be doing our All About You show for each Key stage.
So Timmy will be coming with us to help KS1 create a healthy lunch box

we will be exploring our feely tubs and trying to work out what is inside the sound eggs

Then with KS2 we will challenge a few brave volunteers to put their hands into the GROT BAGS and discover the grunge inside, find out why we need to wash see the amazing images up close and personal of our skin. We will discover just how much snot we produce when we have a cold and are those really skin cells shed?????

In the afternoon we will be working with year 4 making and testing home made toothpaste.
So on a sunny afternoon I was preparing two class sets of ceramic tiles ready for cleaning

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