Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Exciting times at Chester High School

Yesterday we visited Chester Catholic High school for a day with some of their feeder primary school pupils.
The Catholic High School, Chester - Christo Fidelis
The day started with a delivery of dry ice to the school ready for our shows - we eventually tracked it the boiler room.
We had created a special show for the school, based on our Secondary Tour show "I Wasn't Expecting That!" with a few extras especially for the younger audience.
We started with exploring a simple handwarner - how do you make it work, what is inside it, why does it warm up?

Then we invited two volunteers to shake a bottle of seemingly clear liquid which amazingly changed to either a blue or a bright pink, the colour then gently faded away but was returned by simply shaking again.
Four more volunteers came out to join Sue and Helen in a bit of dramatic poetry - The Experiment.
Four scientists mixing clear liquids which turned bright pink but when they all combined their liquids in Helen's container it all went clear...magic?? No Science!

After some more colour changing demonstrations we got all excited by setting fire to a few things...a rainbow of flame colours, some incredible sparklers and magnesium. Then we showed how much energy there is in milk powder by creating a fire ball...smells really great too

Next it was time to break out the dry ice and share some of our demos -  Helen's cauldron and screaming spoon, ghostly white bubbles and then we tried to blow up a teacher........

We created human light bulbs with our plasma ball

 We investigated smart materials that react to temperature by either changing colour, shape or seeming to disappear.
Then some ideas for things to do at home including the freaky hand

and finally we rounded off an exciting show with our whoosh bottle.

Great fun - thanks for having us and thanks to Debbie Hickling for organising it all.

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