Monday, 8 June 2015

Summer Science Snippets 1

A little bit of science fun over the summer months........

We all know the benefits of wearing sunscreen but how often do we either forget or think it isn't really very sunny so don't bother?
How many struggle with young children who for some reason hate being rubbed all over with a cream....I wonder why??

At the moment one well known company is using a UV camera to show how their product blocks UV looks impressive.

Here is a simple and really fun way to test out your suncream.

These little beads are UV reactive and now you can buy them all over the place.

We have been using them for a few years to demonstrate modern reactive materials along with hydrochromic and thermochromic products.

simple bracelets of UV reactive beads
By exposing the beads to UV you can change their colour from a plain creamy white to a range of brights.

Here we have made simple stretchy bracelets and put part in a clear plastic bag which we then smeared with suncream. The other part we left out in the sunlight.
We used two different SPF strengths - it really does make a difference what strength you use!
See for yourself.........

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