Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Brand New Workshop for KS1

We know that KS1 teachers love having us in to do shows and workshops but with the new 2014 science curriculum so many of the things we get up to have moved to KS2 so we decided to make sure the younger scientists didn't miss out by creating a workshop especially for KS1 to complement the show All About You.

Usually when we go to a school with our shows we have the whole school in a number of age appropriate groups but then if there is any time left we will work with class sized groups in workshops. Often this is KS2 so we have added a special workshop for KS1 to our programme.

Our show All About You is such good fun and full of amazing facts about our incredible bodies. When we are working with the younger ones we focus on things that really matter to them such as what can I have in my lunchbag if we are a Healthy Eating school? 

Timmy our 3rd member of the team comes along to helps the volunteers make a lunch bag full of healthy goodies that are good to eat. We have sourced some amazingly realistic prop food so we we pack up our insulated bag for lunch so that we can have some tasty snacks that keep us healthy.
We explore our super senses with feely tubs and grot you can guess the older ones love going for the grot bags and putting their hands into disgusting goo or slimy snot!!

We take our huge mouth and have a good explore of how to clean our teeth and what all those nashers actually do. Then we actually get a couple of volunteers out to make home made toothpaste and test it against shop bought.

We use our blue cuddly cold virus to talk about keeping healthy and safe from colds and to show how easy it is for colds and other nasties to spread we give a whole class a cold. Helen has the most amazing glittery snot you have ever seen!!

For KS2 we offer tasty toothpaste or bath bombs as a class workshop  and we have decided to extend part of the show about senses and make it into a full workshop for KS1. We have been busy sewing feely bags ( little bags which you put you hand into and try to decide what is inside just by feeling). Helen has sourced strange objects to put inside....nothing too scary but things which feel amazing. 

We have some lovely shakers as sound makers and have an ingenious way to let everybody test their sense of smell with some strange odours!!

Everyone who has tried this new workshop has really enjoyed it so now it has a full place on our programme alongside All About You our show about being healthy. Teachers can now choose to have a workshop with KS1 about Super Senses, with lower KS2 making toothpaste or upper KS2  making bath bombs.

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