Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Break

This time of year the science centre is very quiet - no schools obviously and not too many public visitors so I can have a holiday!
Really enjoying being away from work and although a fairly quiet Christmas it has been really peaceful.
The long run up meant that I was so ready that there was no rushing around or anything!

Today almost all the snow and ice which has been such a nuisance has gone - there is just a patch on the front lawn. My cat Smartie is thrilled - it has been way too cold for him to stay outside for long but he hated being in all the time so has driven us mad coming in and then asking to go out again!
Am getting a bit stir crazy now though so we are thinking about getting out somewhere.
We plan to go and see TRON tomorrow - sad how much of the original I remember extremely well - like lots of the actual dialogue OOPS!
Have probably conned Mike into going - telling him it is all about computers... well it is... honestly!
Have been reading ( and listening ) to some trashy type sci fi over the hols but am now becoming very serious. Mike bought me Bettany Hughes book about Socrates - a little light reading before I drop off. Actually it is fascinating but much heavier than my usual holiday reading - I disappear into sci fi or fantasy to escape reality.
So off into the countryside somewhere before it gets too dark... enjoy the holiday if you are still off.

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