Monday, 13 December 2010

Saturday Science Club

Last Saturday was the Christmas science club event - Scientific Santa!
The idea was that everyone could make pressies with a scientific basis.
So we made baths bombs - bicarbonate of soda and citric acid plus a few bits and bobs.
We used a thermo moulding plastic (biodegradable of course!)to create key rings and Christmas decorations - see the picture!
We used a variety of surfactants to make our own body wash with some very nice fragrances thanks to a local company who work with us on schools activities.
We printed T shirts with suitably festive images and we poured our own soap - again see the pics.
The soaps were a huge success - the colours are jewel like and they look a bit like wine gums!
We even helped to wrap everything up. Well I say we....anyone who knows me is very aware that I cannot wrap anything! Those grotty looking pressies under the tree - yes - they are from me!
So the extremely talented Carrie Anne used all of her amazing skills to create the most super looking gift wrapped goodies.
I have to say everyone had a great time - there were about 30 club members so the place was buzzing with activity.
Hope everyone enjoyed themselves - I certainly did. And a huge thank you to all the helpers who made it all possible - Helen, Carrie-Anne, Mike, Nick and Emma

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