Monday, 6 December 2010

Today's suggestions for Christmas science gifts

Went down to the Catalyst shop today to have a look around for scientific pressies. There are some really great ideas:
my top 5 gifts ....
* a great book Why is Snot green? from the Science Museum ( also explains how we can sneeze and fart at the same time!)
* Boom Splat Kabooey - a super kit for "explosive" science - just the sort I enjoy
* a crystal growing kit - we made some great copper sulphate crystals last month and these kits are a great way to start
* the slime laboratory - another kit but this one has all you ever needed to know about slime - and more!
* 100 chemistry experiments - one of those classic chemistry sets but this one really does have some chemicals in it... yes really!!

My top 5 stocking fillers
* alien oil - a glow in the dark slime
* Visual elements top trumps cards - the images are fascinating
* tornado tube - make your own tornado in a bottle
* a selection of 3D books with glasses
* instant snow - just couldn't resist this one - after all we haven't seen snow in such a long time!!

Now all I need are some big kids to try these out on.
Of course if you live anywhere near Catalyst in Widnes you could come and try them out for yourself

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