Saturday, 15 March 2014

ASE NW conference

We had a brilliant day today at the ASE NW conference at MMU Didsbury campus.
Our session was fully booked - a super group of teachers interested in getting more hands on  practicals into their science lessons.
We started by sharing how to find the RSC Primary Science video clips on You Tube for inspirational ideas.
Then we investigated handwarmers and using them as a heat source, we explored a range of smart materials that react to temperature.

So many of the teachers saw the incredible potential of our Energy Sticks for teaching circuits in electricity

Plus of course we  couldn't leave out the wonderful and oh so tactile hydrogel balls

We shared our latest acquisition - a hydrochromic colour change shower curtain that seems to be white until it gets wet and then WOW!

we were able to answer lots of questions and give suggestions for exciting science lessons
and as a final bit of fun we all had a go at Art on a Plate

Lots of the delegates had brought either Tablets or smart phones so plenty of people were able to photo and video their fun which is exactly what we suggest you do in your class. Pictures printed out and mounted on black paper make a stunning display!!

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