Friday, 14 March 2014

Toothpaste trials

We had a great day last Friday at Upton Heath Primary School near Chester.
We were working with the infant department as part of their science week with the emphasis on being healthy.
So we took along Timmy to help us deliver our show All About You with lots of fun exploring our senses, sorting out a huge basket of food goodies to create a lunch pack for Timmy and finding out how we pass on colds.
Two brave volunteers put their hands into our feely tubs to discover what on earth was in them and then they even had a go at our Grot Bags which hold weird and wonderful objects that feel very strange indeed.
Two more volunteers tried to identify what was in our eggs just by the smell and then we all tried to find out what was inside a set of plastic eggs just by gently shaking them and listening to the noise
After doing a bit of exercise we discovered how fast our hearts were beating and one lucky young man heard his own heart bumping away out loud on our giant heart machine.
Finally we found out why it is so important to use a tissue when you have a cold.
We saw what the rhinovirus that lives in our nose looks like and then we passed a cold around the room using glitter gel.

After break we were in the classroom creating our own toothpaste to try against shop bought. Of course we couldn't try it on our own teeth so we used ceramic tiles to clean.
We found out that our home made toothpaste is just as good as the shop one - although I am not sure I would want to have mine coloured dark blue which seemed to be the favourite colour!
All four infant classes had a hands on session, getting up close and personal with images of our skins cells, sweat pores and plaque on teeth.
A really great day....and we will be back in the Autumn term because those clever teachers at Upton Heath have taken advantage of our birthday offer - buy one get one half price!!

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