Friday, 14 March 2014

National Science and Engineering Week part 1

So from not too far away suddenly it is here.

That means National Science and Engineering Week which is one of our busiest times of the year.
Usually the British Science Association (the BA) suggests a theme and produce activities to help schools and presenters come up with ideas.
Last year the theme was Inventions and Discoveries looking at science through the ages and how it has impacted our lives. We created a special show which was very popular and also huge fun to present.
This year there is a very open brief with just a suggestion that primary schools might like to think about science in the future and where it might take us.
We have gone with this idea and created a brand new show INTO THE FUTURE looking at some of the amazing innovations that science has produced recently and thinking about where we might go.

Regular readers of this blog will know that we love using modern and smart materials in our shows so we have built on the show from last year - taking some of the best ideas and see where they could develop in the future - and also added some new ideas with some of the incredible materials we have come across during the last year.
We've been researching science trends - a huge subject - and noticing what seems to be on the horizon.

The huge advance in technology and how young people use it has a big influence on our show -communication is totally different for today's youngsters from smart phones through to e-readers. So our shows reflects that strand.

But we couldn't let the youngest of our audience forget what fun toys can be so we have some of our vintage toys to compare with modern ones and spark ideas about toys of the future.

So we have a busy couple of weeks - watch this space for updates on our adventures!!

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